About US

Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd. upholds the agency of global high-quality famous brands, including environmental control equipment, smart home systems, stage professional audio, musical instruments, HIFI audio and various accessories. We regard excellent products, professional technology, comprehensive services and innovative ideas as the company's core values.


With its complete product line and professional teams and technical consultants who regularly participate in the training of foreign original factory lecturers, Haiwei Technology Professional Audio has become the most powerful supplier and all-round service provider in the industry. We have a team of professional engineers with rich practical experience. All technicians have been specially trained by the manufacturer, have strong engineering technical support capabilities, and use the world's most famous audio design and test equipment, including TEF, SMARTT, EASE, etc. .
Haiwei is the import agent and wholesale of professional audio, lighting system and multimedia audio-visual and environmental control system products. The current team members are professional, highly creative, have a strong interest in the industry, and have characteristics of an international outlook. The current business direction is towards a multimedia system that integrates video, audio, lighting and other equipment to achieve automatic control functions, and uses the convenient broadband network of the computer With wireless transmission technology to achieve long-distance transmission and control functions, suitable for home audio-visual theaters, multi-functional conference rooms, long-distance video conference systems, exhibition halls, theme parks, banquet halls, stadiums, hotels, karaoke, auditoriums, temples, Airports, train MRT stations and other projects.
Become an agent and equipment provider beyond the group in the audio industry to fully satisfy our customers and promote the inheritance and sharing of audio technology, concepts, knowledge and experience with a positive attitude. The company currently focuses on the Taiwanese market and cooperates with distributors to design various engineering cases and carry out technical guidance and training projects.